Long Term Rentals

A special offer for those who stay over the winter in paradise, or for anyone staying longer than 27 days in Gran Canaria.

We have special prices for long-term rentals, starting from just 13 Euros per day.

You will get a car for as long as you want, use it to do the shopping, drive to the beach or to discover your favourite destination.

Your advantage?

You don´t need to worry about the periodic mechanical revisions. It´s our job to make sure you enjoy Gran Canaria with a safe car.

This offer might also be the best choice if you´re moving to Gran Canaria.

Take one of our cars for one or two months to get all the important immigration paperwork done in the Local Authorities Offices. It is very important to be mobile and then long-term rental is the best option for you.

Just choose your preferred car and select a time range longer than 27 days to benefit from our attractive long-term car rental prices.